Online safety

The internet is a wonderful tool for connecting people, regardless of where they physically live in the world. I have made friends and met partners online. I've also received many emails over the years from a very diverse and interesting number of people since starting this website, my life enriched by the opportunities the internet provides.

There are a lot of scary headlines about adults using the internet to lure children into meeting up, and first date horror stories where people turn out to be anything but what they claimed. But the internet isn’t crawling with paedophiles and dishonest people; most people want to enjoy using technology to make new friends and learn new things. With the tips below and some common sense you are more likely to establish genuine, meaningful friendships online and skip the time-wasters and weirdos.


  • Online dating links.
  • Ideas for meeting new people.
  • Childline's online and mobile safety page.


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