The gay scene

What is the gay scene?

The gay scene is comprised of gay bars, pubs, clubs, events like Gay Pride. It also includes social meet-up groups, and sports and hobby clubs. These may or may not be linked to a gay venue. The gay scene can offer social, romantic and sexual opportunities for gay and bisexual people. It provides social space where you can be openly gay without fear of homophobia.

Many gay people enjoy the scene for a number of reasons:

Potential downsides to the gay scene

The idea of being welcomed warmly into a big gay family the moment you go inside a gay bar is a myth. Friendships and relationships have to be created and nurtured, just like they do outside the bar. Simply sharing the same sexual preference doesn't guarantee a connection. Gay people are as shy and cautious as straight people and as likely to be friendly or unfriendly.

The gay scene can start to feel very small after a while, especially in smaller towns with one or two gay venues. If you sleep around it may not be very long before you feel as though you've slept with everyone in the bar! The consequences of your sexual and romantic choices may be stuck with you for a very long time. Check your conduct and decision making if you're a big scene regular.

Some people find the Gay Scene to be shallow, with youth, appearance and sexual availability being the focus. People who don’t fit into certain criteria can feel excluded or out of place e.g. older people, overweight people, those who value monogamy, those who prefer alternative music, people who dress differently to the majority in a given venue etc.

Tips for visiting a gay venue

Remember, it is illegal in the UK to consume alcohol if you are under the age of 18. Some venues may operate an over 21 policy for entry.

Like anything in life, the gay scene may or may not be for you. It's made up of many venues that pitch themselves at different sub-cultures within the gay community. Gay bar doesn't necessarily mean good bar, so experiment with different places and find somewhere that suits you. If the gay scene doesn't appeal to you, that’s fine too.



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